Create a fun, friendly brand that’s impossible not to notice by doing something nobody else in the market does: talk directly to our dog and cat friends.

The Story

When Cannovate came to us with the idea for Maple & Cedar, they had a clear product vision in mind. They wanted to fill the gap left behind by traditional kibble with therapeutic treats that use the powerful benefits of hemp seed oil to deliver an extra layer of care and relief. Experts at driving innovation in the cannabis category, Cannovate knew they needed not only a product formulation that would stand out—but also a brand that pet owners could really connect with. So they asked us to lead the brand’s development.

Starting with consumer research and segmentation, we found that pet owners are increasingly treating their animals like humans—and reinforcing this through dedicated pet social media accounts. This drove the brand’s core differentiator: Maple & Cedar speaks directly to its end consumers, the dogs and cats in our lives who are family members to so many of us. We developed all the brand assets required to bring this idea to fruition, from name generation and packaging design, to website creation and marketing. And we provided a thorough visual design guidelines handbook, ensuring all future representations of the brand stay true to its essence.

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