Chris Lund

Staying ahead and staying competitive require thinking differently—which can be hard for big, established brands. Sometimes, we have to tell clients things they don’t want to hear to get results that are truly game-changing.

Years at Perennial | DCM: 21+

The key to success is knowing why your brand exists, who it exists for, and how to deliver on your promise in a way that none of your competitors can. Chris is the reason our customers trust Perennial | DCM to guide them on this journey to success. For over 20 years, Chris has been a trusted advisor to Canada’s biggest, industry-leading brands, effectively translating their corporate objectives into consumer-relevant experiences that improve the bottom line.

As CEO of Perennial | DCM, Chris has grown the company to become the largest strategy and design firm in Canada and one of North America’s preeminent providers of retail and marketing solutions. An entrepreneur at heart, Chris continuously pushes his team to think critically about what business challenge they are trying to overcome and what consumer need must be fulfilled. His discipline and vigor are why strategy and design are inextricably linked at Perennial | DCM.