Break the rules of whisky tradition to deliver an inclusive Canadian brand that anyone can connect with, whisky beginner or connoisseur.

The Story

In discussions with liquor boards across Canada, our client, Fluid Assets, repeatedly heard one message loud and clear: the whisky category was in dire need of a breath of fresh air. It had become flat and was on the decline due to new innovations in other categories and comparatively little change within whisky. Seizing market opportunities with fast turnarounds is where Fluid excels, so they quickly stepped up to the challenge—and asked us to drive the development of a brand that would turn heads in aisle.

Together, we brought to life Gray Jay. Named for Canada’s national bird—the friendly and clever gray jay—it’s a whisky that flies in the face of tradition. From its eye-catching bottle designed to look like steel, to marketing messaging that encourages consumers to drink it however they like (with little regard for “proper whisky etiquette”), this isn’t your grandfather’s whisky. We shook up a stagnant category with a brand that’s adventurous yet approachable, appealing to both connoisseurs who are on the hunt for something different, as well as new, curious consumers who are just getting acquainted with the world of whisky.