Francine Greco

It’s our responsibility to worry about the things that our clients shouldn’t have to. We’re there behind the scenes, making sure the big idea that got everyone so excited is rolled out properly and consistently, piece by piece.

Years at Perennial | DCM: 12+

Every investment you make in your brand expression is another step closer to your target audience and business objectives. Relinquishing control of that brand expression to a partner outside of your business takes great trust. Francine’s talented and rigorous design team is the reason you can make that choice with confidence.

A graphic and packaging designer by trade with over 20 years of experience and a vast knowledge of the entire print production process, Francine is a director of details. She leads a multi-talented studio of graphic designers, production artists, and architectural technologists in both Canada and India. Under her watchful eye, her team brings your brand to life—ensuring flawless quality, accuracy, and consistency every time.