Jason Sharpe

Jason Sharpe

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

If you don’t know how the client measures their success, how can you bring forward ideas that fulfill their definition of success? It’s our responsibility to find out what they’re ultimately trying to achieve.

Years at Perennial | DCM: 12+

Clients rarely need every solution that a company offers; what they need is the best set of solutions that will deliver value for their business and their brand. Discovering this requires an elevated understanding of the higher-order needs of their organization. That’s where Jason’s expertise is essential.

A business development and sales professional with over 20 years of experience, Jason has a unique knack for driving real value in our relationships with customers. He pushes the Perennial | DCM sales team to think not just about volume of ideas, but finding the best ideas on an enterprise-wide basis. Ideas that meet customer objectives, fulfill consumer needs, and move metrics in the right direction.