Kevin Lund

A brand must be unwaveringly true. When a brand is true—when people know what it stands for and it never strays from this—consumer loyalty and business success follow.

Years at Perennial | DCM: 11+

A consumer-facing company’s brand is one of the most valuable assets it owns—and must be treated as such. Powerful brand stories can win the hearts and wallets of your target audience, but missteps can be permanently detrimental. Kevin ensures our customers have the utmost confidence in their decision to entrust Perennial | DCM with the long-term guardianship of their brand.

As Chief Brand Officer, Kevin leverages over 30 years of storytelling experience to celebrate and protect the Perennial | DCM brand, while providing crucial oversight as we do the same for yours. He leads a multi-disciplinary team of marketers, creative specialists, and strategists, motivating them to uphold strategy and stay true to business objectives while pushing boundaries through creativity, innovation, and thought leadership.