Maxine Dion

You can’t invite people into a space if you don’t know what they’ll be doing there and why. Strategic design is an exercise in making sure functional needs are met in a way that engages and inspires people.

Years at Perennial | DCM: 16+

A well-designed space is so carefully thought through and considerate of consumers’ needs, you don’t even notice how it affects your experience—it just feels right. In her role as Creative Lead of Environments, Maxine guides a team of interior designers in developing the physical manifestation of your brand, whether it be permanent, pop-up, or mobile.

A strategic design professional with over 15 years under her belt, Maxine can always answer why; nothing her team creates is design for the sake of design. Every decision they make leads to a purposeful and intuitive customer journey that addresses your target’s needs and creates more moments of delight.