Give people the gift of choice through a low-alcohol spirits brand that lets them celebrate life’s special occasions their way, on their terms.

The Story

With decades of consumer brand-building experience behind them, the Fluid Assets team knew that the secret to product innovation is finding a gap in the market—an unmet consumer need. The conception of 18.8 started with a simple question: Why aren’t there more high quality spirit options for people who want to control their consumption? Why is 40% ABV the only choice? Fluid set out to fill this gap and give consumers the gift of choice; and they engaged us to help build the brand story.

Starting with market research, brand strategy, and name generation, we helped our client establish a brand that would offer consumers a way to fully embrace an occasion and control the pace at the same time. The result was 18.8, a line of premium, hand-crafted spirits distilled to precisely 18.8% alcohol that lets people celebrate on their own terms. Once the idea was born and the product in hand, we brought it to life for consumers through packaging design, brand storytelling, marketing, and retail merchandising—all in under a year.

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