manitoba liquor mart & FLUID ASSETS



Drive new revenue and capture shoppers’ hearts with a brand that celebrates what it means to be Manitoban.

The Story

Manitoba Liquor Mart (MLL) is responsible for the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages across Manitoba. Our client, Fluid Assets, began a relationship with MLL just as they were facing a new challenge—they needed to increase revenue but were under strict budgetary restrictions that prevented them from opening new stores. As a result, they were looking for clever, outside-of-the-box ideas to generate additional sources of revenue and continue to engage their customer base. We were happy to embark on this mission and put our creative thinking to the test.

The project launch just happened to be taking place in advance of the 150th anniversary of Manitoba’s establishment as a province. This lead us to what would become the winning idea: Manitoba Heart, a rotational wine program that commemorated the province’s milestone birthday and celebrated what it means to be Manitoban. Through consumer research, rich storytelling, and dramatic imagery, we landed on a brand identity and label designs that captured the hearts of Manitobans and made them feel like this was truly just for them.

manitoba 150
MW billboard